・゚: *✧・゚:* The Prism of Possibilities explores a multiverse of potential climate futures. A central, iridescent structure entices travelers into a grand, luminous space, from where they may choose from three doors. On the other side of each door, a spiraling portal leads into a home that contains clues to uncover the story of the family who lives there. Indeed, each of the three homes belongs to the same family in the year 2100, but under a different climate scenario- from worst-case to best-case.

Lead Artist of the @in_theory_art_collective and Research Assistant Professor of Geography Emily Nicolosi developed these scenarios based on the work of the @IPCC's Assessment Reports. The narratives for each home marry the Reports with an imagination of the future life story of her son Ari, born in 2021, and are available on the "Journals" tab. . *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The Prism of Possibilities at Burning Man 2022. Photo by Eleanor Praeger.

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Emily discusses the intersection of her research with this art project.

You can watch Kindling's ArtSpeaks Episode 2 on Burning Man Project's YouTube Channel, where we introduce the Prism!

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AUG. 30 – SEP. 6, 2020

Escape time and leave this dimension…. RSVP to experience the Multiverse, and be a part of the largest live virtual art and music event in history.

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