✧・゚: *✧・゚:* A multi-dimensional portal (a zome spinning the stars and flostam of humanity) invites citizens into a universe of potential climate futures. Spinning outward, the portal directs participants to explore three different domiciles, from best to worst case scenario climate-impacted earths. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Seeking material and financial donations

We have fundraised about half the costs of building the Prism of Possibilities thanks to many generous donors. If you have material donations that you think might be useful to us, please contact us. For financial contributions, click on the "donate" button above- all contributions are tax-deductible through our sponsorship by the Center for Ecological Design.

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We raised $9,744 from 111 backers! WOW! THANK YOU!

Miss the boat? You can still donate here! We are still in need of donations to make this project happen.

Meet us in the Multiverse

AUG. 30 – SEP. 6, 2020

Escape time and leave this dimension…. RSVP to experience the Multiverse, and be a part of the largest live virtual art and music event in history.

You can watch Kindling's ArtSpeaks Episode 2 on Burning Man Project's YouTube Channel, where we introduce the Prism!

Emily discusses the intersection of her research with this art project.

Special thanks to our donors:

Special thanks to Charles Carroll and 3form for their special efforts in making sure no material is wasted! The Prism's decor is supported by very generous donations of reclaimed material from 3form.

Special thanks to the Salt Lake City Arts Council for a grant supporting the Prism of Possibilities!

Special thanks to the PacifiCorp Foundation for a generous grant towards the Prism of Possibilities.